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Non-Skid Floor Coatings - Category: Cleaners

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Application Surface Preparation Kit
Application Surface Preparation Kit

List: $92.95
Our Price: $69.95

 Key Features Recommendations Description
Includes: 5 Gallon Plastic Bucket, 9" Roller Handle, 9" Roller Cover, 2 1/2" Bristle Brush, metal screen, 1 Gallon Acid Magic Etching Cleaner, 1 Box of TSP Cleaning Neutralizer, Scrub Brush, Mixing Sticks, 9"x12" Drop Cloth & 2 pairs of Plastic Gloves INTENDED USE: Use to clean and remove contaminates, stains, and grime from floors prior to painting. An effective pre-paint cleaner-etching kit.

SURFACES: Ferrous and non ferrous metals, fiberglass, concrete, tile, masonry, and synthetic materials.

APPLICATION: Mix 1 part Acid Magic Etching Cleaner with 3 parts water. Apply to pre-wet surface, agitate with included scrub brush as needed, allow to stand 20-30 minutes, and flush thoroughly with water. Mix TSP with water after cleaning to neutralize surface prior to painting.
Everything you need to prepare your surface for painting, and more! This kit includes one 5-gallon bucket for convenient mixing of our Acid Magic Etching Cleaner to remove unwanted contaminates, lime, rust stains, grease, and oil which may otherwise impair the coating’s ability to form a good bond with the surface. For those stubborn stains, we’ve included a scrub brush and two pairs of plastic gloves to work those spots with a portion of undiluted Etching Cleaner. The kit also includes one box of TSP to neutralize the surface in preparation for the coating application. For the final coating, we’ve already included a 9” roller handle, one 9” roller cover, a 2.5” bristle brush, mixing sticks, and a 9’x12’ drop cloth. One kit has everything you need!

TS-695 Etching Cleaner Concentrate-Gallon
TS-695 Etching Cleaner Concentrate-Gallon

List: $38.80
Our Price: $31.04

List: $146.95
Our Price: $117.56

 Key Features Recommendations Description
  • Eliminates the need for grinding or blasting in many applications.
  • Neutralize with TSP.
  • Fast acting and highly effective.
  • Concentrate is cheaper to transport.
  • Corrects the pH.
  • Improves the bonding power of paint and coating products.

INTENDED USE: Use to remove contaminates, stains and grime from floors. An effective pre-paint cleaner-etcher solution.

SURFACES: Ferrous and nonferrous metals, fiberglass, concrete, tile, masonry and synthetic materials.

APPLICATION: Mix 1 part concentrate with 3 part water. Apply to pre-wet surface, agitate with a push broom as needed, allow to stand 20-30 minutes, flush thoroughly with water. Use undiluted to remove heavy contamination or for heavy-duty requirements.
Etching Cleaner Concentrate is a cleaner-etcher solution used as a preparation treatment on concrete, tile and masonry. Widely used on floors prior to the application of concrete floor coatings and sealers. Removes unwanted contaminants and neutralizes lime and lime by-products on the surface which may seriously impair the coatings’ ability to form a good bond. It is easier, safer and more effective to use than muriatic acid. Removes lime, rust stains, grease, oil and contaminates. Corrects the pH on concrete and other surfaces promoting adhesion. Concentrate saves money on shipping costs. Mixed pint cleans 50-75 sq. ft., mixed quart cleans 200 square feet, mixed gallon cleans 800 square feet.


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