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Garage floor paints and concrete coatings have become very popular in recent years creating significant demand for them. Unfortunately, garage floor paint quality varies greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer so results are often mixed. Moreover, cheap, low quality imports from China (see Epoxy-Coat and Armor-Poxy) lower consumer confidence giving the industry a black-eye. This is unfortunate because Top Secret Coatings strives to produce only the highest quality garage floor paint and floor coatings. Manufacturers that produce or import low quality garage floor paint and products typically create dissatisfied customers.

Solvent based epoxy garage floor paints and coatings can be expensive but they are worth the extra expense in many applications especially in aircraft hangar floor coating, industrial floor coating and high traffic applications. To a large degree you ‘get what you pay for' when it comes to garage floor paint.

A common non-solvent thinner is a chemical known as nonyl phenol. This chemical is sometimes used in small amounts to make 100% solids epoxy floor paint, however, cheap epoxies may contain large amounts of this inexpensive chemical. You will want to check your epoxy MSDS for references to nonyl phenol. Top Secret epoxy paints do not include this inexpensive ingredient.

Another clue of cheap and imported epoxy include ‘induction time' (after mixing the two components the mixture must sit for several minutes to ‘self cook' before being applied), and crystallization of either part A or part B if left sitting for several months (like crystallized honey, simple heating will dissolve the crystals). After the two epoxy parts have been combined there is a working time (pot life) during which the epoxy can be applied or used. Generally the pot life will be anywhere from minutes to one hour or longer. At the end of the pot life the mixture becomes very warm or even hot as it begins to harden. This harsh chemical reaction is one of the reasons traditional two part epoxy garage floor coatings may chalk and discolor.

1-Part Epoxy (TS-100) is remarkable because it is catalyzed by oxygen rather than chemically making it the latest in coatings technology. It is far easier to use because it is not chemically catalyzed. There is no induction time and no nonyl phenol used. This high grade garage floor coating product out performs traditional 100% solids epoxy and water-based epoxy in every significant performance category.

1-Part Epoxy creates a high-gloss waterproof film that remains both hard and flexible at the same time! It adheres to almost any garage floor surface, it seals, waterproofs and is resistant to chemicals, spilled fuel and acids. It is impact resistant to 500 PSI, heat resistant to 350 + degrees, color-fast, UV resistant, non-chalking and it resists cracking, chipping and peeling. Additionally, it covers three times the area of typical garage floor paint because its maximum dry film thickness is only two mils which is exceptional.

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