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While we typically think of marine paint as what goes on a ship, pleasure craft or barge a large share of marine paint and coatings protects infrastructure and floors in marine environments as well. Marine paint and coatings protect and beautify infrastructure in marine areas as well as improving safety for those who manage Marine and Coastal sites. Non Skid floor coating products add safety and confidence in marine areas.

Top Secret non skid and industrial floor coatings are a great choice to fulfill these needs as they provide excellent protection and corrosion resistance, are environmentally friendly, exhibit low-odor, provide the ability for brilliant color and are easy to apply. Typical acceptable substrates for our non skid floor coatings include: steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, concrete or masonry, and wood.

Although not typically suggested first, waterborne acrylic non skid floor coatings (see Floor-Grip) have been successfully utilized for over twenty years in these environments and are suitable for decks, docks, buildings, bridges spanning inter-coastal waterways, as well as light houses. This product has also been successfully used on ship interiors, as well as exteriors of stationary vessels. Some notable locations where water-borne marine paint has been applied include The Hunting Island Historic Lighthouse, the Battleship New Jersey and the Neuse River Bridge.

Preparation is the most important part of any painting project. First you will want to Repair all damage, scratches, voids and cracks. Once that has been accomplished sand or scuff the entire surface to improve adhesion. Then you will want to pre-clean in preparation for marine paint or primer. We recommend using TS-695 Etching Cleaner prior to the application of any concrete floor coating system.

Primer is always required on aluminum and fiberglass surfaces. In most instances the recommended primer will Etching Primer (TS-664). Concrete Floor Paint applications require Ever-Last Epoxy Primer (TS-6433). 1-Part Epoxy and Urethane Reinforced Alkyd (TS-4) are exceptions. This is an excellent, government spec, high-build epoxy primer that is a barrier coating. Once the epoxy primer has been applied and allowed to dry 12-24 hours it is ready for the top coat. Our non skid floor coatings that include the aggregate are typically applied directly to concrete or wood without primer.

Apply the top coat using a brush, non shedding roller cover or spray. Up to two or three thin coats are acceptable as desired. For best results you should recoat within 24-48 hours other wise sanding is typically required. There is no need to sand between applications when applied within 48 hours. The top coat should be fully cured before repairing any runs, sags or blemishes. Allow top coat film to cure thoroughly before entering full service duty.

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